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Managing and leasing properties in the Clearwater area since 2008.


RMS has the unique advantage of being a full-service brokerage with a full team dedicated to the management, maintenance, and marketing of your properties to maximize your investment opportunities. 



I have worked with Cheryl [Director of Property Management at RMS] for several years. For numerous reasons, we have had a lot of issues at our property. Cheryl has ALWAYS swooped in and saved the day, in spite of the fact that I am sure most of these issues are outside of her normal experience. She has fought hard when the issues required a firm hand. I absolutely LOVE Cheryl. Wish I could clone her and make others as responsive and responsible. Andrew [Controller at RMS] is also great — extremely responsive. Willing to get me what I need when I ask for it. Overall, these two deserve high praise.

- Janet Susskind

Great property managers. Kind considerate, helpful and transparent. They are really great at managing my investment properties and have connections through my favorite Southwest coast of Florida from Tampa to Naples.

- Chris Romero

Steve and Cheryl at RMS have done an amazing job for me. From finding and rehabbing the investment properties to finding a managing the tenants, they make it so easy for me. Thank you so much for what you do.

- Craig Crowe

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Clearwater, Florida

See why after all this time Clearwater is still one of the best places to live and invest in Florida! 

From the 1800s to now...

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Services We Provide

Rental Market Analysis

Accurately pricing your rental for the market and reevaluating the property at each lease renewal to make sure you don't miss out on any rental income!

Marketing Assistance

We'll get your property online, take pictures, get it listed on popular rental website, and handle all the incoming messages and phone calls

Property Tours

One of our Licensed Real Estate Agents will schedule and show your rental property throughout the week to ensure that it's rented as quickly as possible

Tenant Placement

Know who you're renting to! RMS will find the perfect tenant for your property by conducting credit and background checks on any applications that come in


Regularly inspecting the property and keeping you notified when repairs are necessary

Tenant Communication

We handle all communication with the tenant and provide a Tenant Line for them to call in with any questions or concerns. 

Maintenance & Repairs

We will schedule and monitor any maintenance that your property requires while securing you the best-negotiated rates through our preferred vendors

Portfolio Development

Utilizing expert knowledge to assit you with buying, renting, and selling your properties to get the most out of your investment

  • Straight Lease

  • Property Management

  • Rental Investment

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