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Real Estate Investment - A Glimpse at Sarasota, Florida

Courtesy, Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System

Sarasota was originally settled by Native Americans ³. The Spanish discovered the area in 1513 when they landed at Charlotte Harbor. The area was known as “Zare Zote” on Spanish maps, but newcomers began calling it “Sara Sota”. William Whitaker was the first permanent resident of the City of Sarasota, he sold fish and raised cattle. He married and came to have 11 kids - the descendants still live in Florida to this day. Sarasota became incorporated in the early 1900’s.

Owen Burns was a major developer for Sarasota ³. He built many bridges and buildings; however, he went broke in the 1920’s. He married Mrs. Potter Palmer, and she rebuilt their finances - once he died, she doubled their fortunes. Their land is now known today as Myakka River State Park.

Today, Sarasota is a sought-after area, ranking within the top 10 places to live (#1 in Florida!) ¹. It has exceptional public schools that are ranked some of the highest in the United States ². With a recent wage increase and low unemployment, Sarasota has also proven to be a great place to work. With relatively low crime rates and access to gorgeous beaches, Sarasota remains a wonderful place to both live and vacation.


The Barnum & Bailey and Ringling Brothers Circus was founded and operated in Sarasota, Florida for 146 years until 2017.

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